I sing the American song,

Full-throated, unapologetic

Even as I mistake the words

Even as I forget sometimes

The reasons why I sing

I sing the American song

Faint smells of ale and salty tea

Some verses whispered dangerously

Some shouted in stark defiance

Blasphemous and brave

Foolhardy and great

I sing the American song

A melody heard in the parlor

Mixing with the cigar smoke and

The smell of excellent brandy

A cappella, the mourning notes

Of broken hearts, broken hands

Drifting over the Master’s fields

I sing the American song

The martial drum beat of soldiers

The blow…

January 6, 2021

There was much to be repulsed by in yesterday’s assault on the Capital by a mob of Trump-inspired insurgents. There was the painful image of the government under siege by domestic political terrorists. There was the casual response by police and other forces, a stark juxtaposition to the same force’s abusive behavior when introduced to far more peaceful black protestors in the same city. There was the gleeful destruction of AP news cameras and equipment, a sign of the all-too fascist vilification of the media by Trump and his allies.

And then, there were the flags.


The paper sat unmoving

spaced between us, facing me

Accusing, evidence for the trial.

“Why bother with these simple rhymes?

Why limit your choices to the

Accidental last syllables

Of a tiny list of words?”


She leaned back, arms

Folded across her chest, eyes

Fixed on mine, a hawk’s cold stare

Imagining the coming meal.

I sat frozen in the field

Unsure of what direction

My path to freedom lay.


It’s not about the words, I said

But something that is caught between

When couplets slip into my head

Connections begging to be seen


It’s not that…

One cell, suspended.

One smallest beam of

purest light breaks in

And through…

Two cells now, but joined

That light reverberating,

Finding strength in the shared

Boundaries, gaining rather than

Diminishing in brilliance

Four cells, then eight

Momentum surging, energy

Creating life, life creating the space

To chase its prescribed destiny

To become more light

A mass of cells, pulsing

In the process of recreating

Itself over and over, that first beam

Illuminating a million microscopic stars

An infinity of light, and a new definition

Of what it means to shine.

Form emerges, fully familiar

yet never seen before or…

Let me try it this way…

It’s the Super Bowl, and you’re the quarterback of the defending champion. For weeks, you’ve been guaranteeing a victory. You boast that the only way you’ll lose is if the other team, or the referees, cheat and take the game away from you.

For the sake of this discussion, the other team isn’t the Patriots.

You build up a big lead early, but the other team comes back strong, and late in the fourth quarter, they score a touchdown to take the lead. Time runs out.

You complain to the refs. The refs meet…

Donald Trump can’t afford to lose, and he knows it all too well.

Credit: Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

When Donald Trump ran for President in 2015, it was widely understood that the primary objective was a massive marketing play, a chance to elevate his brand to new heights and parlay the effort into a new media power. Nobody, including Trump and his associates, believed that he would actually win. It wasn’t particularly clear that Trump himself wanted the job.

And yet, here we are.

A tumultuous four years later, Trump is running for re-election like a man possessed, pulling out every possible trick and risking…

Trump Takes Another Swing at Murdering Americans…

How many will die this time?

This is what our President has just tweeted, in part of his announcement about coming home: “… Feeling really good! Don’t be afraid of Covid. Don’t let it dominate your life. We have developed, under the Trump administration, some really great drugs and knowledge. I feel better than I did 20 years ago!”

The President of the United States of America just committed murder.

First of all, in an environment where we are losing 1,000 people a day to the disease, where we are still by most…

Photo by davide ragusa on Unsplash

What price a lie, or more to the point, lies?

In today’s disclosures, taped conversations with President Trump reveal that from the very beginning, following his being briefed in late January, Trump intentionally misled the American public on the nature and dangers around the covid-19 virus.

Despite clearly understanding the transmission aspects (air-born) and the mortality threat (five times the flu) Trump repeatedly projected that the threat wasn’t real, wasn’t severe or wasn’t understood. …

The Case for Funding Racial Equality — and Against Reparations for Slavery

AUGUST 30, 2020

Wikipedia states that “Reparations for slavery is a political justice concept that argues that reparations should be paid to the descendants of slaves.” If we define reparations in that manner, I would contend that reparations are inappropriate, insufficient and dangerous.

Inappropriate, because it suggests that a check, regardless of the amount, is an adequate response to the enslavement and enduring abuse of an entire population of American citizens. It is not.

Insufficient, because the concept falsely implies that the damage done by centuries of endemic…

Gary Adornato

Grandfather, Father, Husband, Son, Brother. Serial Entrepreneur, Analyst, Economics Fanboy. Writer. www.adornato.blog. "The Insufficiency of Reparations".

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